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BY Rebecca | 21 February, 2017 | no comments

One of the toughest logo quizzes in existence has been created by Precision Printing, provider of specialist books printing services, all set to challenge even the savviest of brand aficionados and most clued-up of marketers.

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BY Rebecca | 1 February, 2017 | no comments

It may not be a policy or practice which the company officially adopts, but judging by the manner in which Yorkshire Water conducts its business, one would assume that this water supply and water waste management company is run by a core staff that is very much part of the local community it serves. This goes a long way in…

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BY Rebecca | 29 January, 2017 | no comments

When appraising the daily trading volumes associated with the forex market, there are two perspectives that you can take. You could marvel at the current average of $5 trillion, for example, which is invested across three separate sessions during each 24-hour period. Conversely, you could also cite that the markets volumes have dipped by around 9% since September 2014, when…

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BY Rebecca | 26 January, 2017 | no comments

Starting a business and living to watch it flourish is every business owner’s hope and dream.  You can have the fanciest billboards in the entire city and a million commercials on primetime television, but at the core of your success lies your business’s reputation.

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BY Rebecca | 11 January, 2017 | no comments

The internet has quickly become an essential element in business.  For business owners, email is one of the most important communication tools available.  Email is rapidly being used more and more to transfer sensitive documents and intellectual property.  

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BY Rebecca | 3 January, 2017 | no comments

Our lives are becoming more and more reliant on mobile technology, from everyday social media contact, to text messages and calls, organising your life, and booking tickets and storing personal data. It’s hard to remember a time where we didn’t use our phones to do so much. It seems we are slowly moving to a paperless and cashless society because…

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