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Monthly Archives: February 2016

BY Rebecca | 23 February, 2016 | no comments

For many years the American dream has included white picket fences, happy families, and self-employment. The idea of being your own boss and pursuing your dream has been an elusive…

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BY Rebecca | 22 February, 2016 | no comments

There is a way to get more out of your staff that is often overlooked. Many businesses, in their eagerness to cut to the chase and engage on the corporate…

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BY Rebecca | 17 February, 2016 | no comments

The travel industry is one of the most unique business industries that exist, and selling travel and holiday products to consumers can be a very complex business and it is…

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BY Rebecca | 11 February, 2016 | no comments

If you have money, there are ways to make more money simply by using investments correctly. There are an infinite number of ways to play this numbers game, but in…

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BY Rebecca | 10 February, 2016 | no comments

Jobs descriptions for a manager will vary depending on the field, but there are several requirements that all managers share, no matter if they’re running a restaurant, a hotel, an…

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BY Rebecca | 8 February, 2016 | no comments

Managing people in a professional capacity can be a real challenge. From effectively executing work to resolving conflicts and inspiring success, a great manager has to be able to juggle…

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