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3 Tips for Keeping Your Office Space Cleaner

BY Rebecca | 24 June, 2015 | no comments

When working in a shared space, it’s important to be respectful of those around you, especially if you’re the proprietor or owner of the space being shared. One aspect that can show this respect to others is maintaining a clean and sanitary workspace. However, this is harder for some people than they might like to admit. Just why is a clean work area so important? And how can incremental changes be made to move your workspace in the right direction?

The Dangers of a Messy Work Space

When you’re forced to work in an unclean building or area, you are being exposed to an untold amount of germs. In fact, according to a recent study as reported by Greg Voakes at the Huffington Post, most office keyboards have more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Other unclean surfaces and spaces in your office can exacerbate airborne allergens and illnesses.


Not only can unsanitary conditions be bad for your physical health, but it can also be detrimental to your professional health as well. While you may feel like the controlled chaos of your unorganized desk or office helps to keep you on track or feeling secure, Jenna Goudreau, a Forbes staff writer, tells us that many employers and colleagues equate a messy workspace with laziness. This idea can be very harmful to your chances of succeeding in your place of business.

Tips for Keeping Things Tidy

If you make it a priority to keep your individual office or shared work environment clean, it isn’t that difficult to maintain a reasonably healthy and sanitary area. Finding the determination to continually upkeep your space is the hardest part of having a clean area. But once you have this part nailed down, it’s easy to give yourself and your colleagues or employees what they need to be tidy.

1. Sanitize

By focusing on the sanitation of surfaces and work equipment, you will ensure that areas are more organized and cleaner. There can’t be excess items on work surfaces if they’re expected to be sanitized periodically. Consider keeping an ample amount of disinfecting wipes and gels around to promote more sanitary habits.


2. Clean Air

Making sure the air in your office is clean and safe to breathe will help in keeping away illnesses and allergies. Dusting and sweeping areas that accumulate particles will eliminate allergens from rising up in the air. Be sure you’re cleaning the ductwork in your building periodically to ensure circulating air is clean and pure.

3. Set Weekly Cleaning Times

According to, creating a company culture around weekly cleaning and organization will go far to help make sure building and offices are cleaner and more organized. Part of this company culture should also include cleaning up spills as soon as they happen, throwing away trash properly, and picking up after yourself.

By implementing these three simple tips for a tidier workspace, both you and your colleagues or employees will be healthier and happier at work.


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