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3 Tips for Online Marketing Your Business

BY Rebecca | 21 December, 2015 | no comments

Creating a successful business is a mammoth of a task. You want to be relevant to your target audience, generate revenue and follow your passions. Some individuals find themselves being bought out by the influence of mass-appeal, while others want to pursue their dream, even if it is a flop. One thing that can be said for sure is that success is dependent on an incredible product, driven leadership and a great marketing campaign. Included here are a few tips for marketing your business online.

Maintain a Seven-to-one Ratio

Social media is a fantastic avenue for many online savvy business owners to reach their clientele. You do not have to pay anything for the advertising and you get direct access and feedback from your consumers. Creating a name for yourself online that your consumer will respond to can be a difficult process, however.

A critical aspect of being successful in social media circles is to learn when to promote, and when to step back. Take time to get involved with other competitors in your market and have discussions online. Post informative and interesting content for your audience, usually things that pertain to your industry. Keep the seven-to-one ratio in effect where you post only one self-promotional article to every seven informative articles.

Find Internet Community Involvement

The internet is a playground that has fostered relationships around the globe between people with similar interests. There is no longer a reason for individuals to feel alone or out of place in a certain community or environment when there is a world of people with internet access waiting for them. Your ability to reach like-minded individuals interested in your product is greatly expanded by utilizing the internet.

Find online communities where you can join in the discussion. A great online site for building up relationships is Reddit. You can create discussions with consumers and learn where your product and brand are lacking. There are also many other niche communities that will allow you direct interaction with thinking consumers who will provide critical feedback without the cost of a focus group.

Continuous Exposure

One of the best parts about online marketing is that you are not limited to short-term exposure. Most consumers have their phones in hand all day and are constantly browsing the web. This means you can find ways to get your brand in front of them through ads, social media, or blog posts. Gone are the days of paying for a billboard that your customer may only see once on their way home from work; now you can be maintaining an active presence in their minds throughout their leisure hours at home.


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