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3 Ways to Improve The Online Marketing of Your Fashion Brand

BY Rebecca | 21 January, 2016 | no comments

Digital marketing for a fashion brand can be a very cutthroat business. WIth the amount of people who shop online, you really can’t afford to waste the time your business is spending by not making an impact. However, it can be very difficult for smaller fashion brands to make a name for themselves when all the larger companies seemingly overshadow. Luckily, there are some online marketing tricks you can use to get so much more out of your Internet marketing efforts. To show you how, here are three ways you can begin improving the online presence of your fashion brand today, regardless of if you sell footwear, handbags, clothing, accessories or anything else.

Vary Your Content Contributions

For fashion brands, so much of your online following is going to come due to your content efforts. But to make the most of your content contributions, you’ve got to look beyond traditional written content and create something more. With platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more, you have the ability to create various forms of content that can reach people in their most prefered way.

To accomplish this, Pulkit Rastogi, a contributor to, recommends for fashion brands to create a content team that can execute on ideas for photos, video, modeling, copy and more. Having people with these skills will give you the chance to create all types of content for your brand.

Connect with Brand Ambassadors

One way to give a human side to your fashion brand is to connect with brand ambassadors. While this may be more of a long term goal for smaller, younger fashion brands, the benefits of having brand ambassadors can’t be denied.

When finding a brand ambassador to work with, Nicole Giordano, a contributor to, warns fashion brands to make sure they pick someone who really knows and understands your brand even without having the connection to you as a brand ambassador. This prerequisite will help to ensure that your time and effort in organizing and supporting your brand ambassador will be well spent.

Bring a LIfestyle Brand to Social Media

If you’re a fashion brand and you’re not spending a massive amount of time and energy on social media, you may need to sort out your priorities. Social media is such fertile soil for fashion brands, especially if you’re able to make your brand into a lifestyle brand on social platforms.

According to Stephanie Meyers, a contributor to, fashion brands become lifestyle brands on social media when they move from pushing merely their products or services to showcasing their merchandise being used and loved by personas of your target market. So if your social feeds are filled with shots of just your shoes or your purses, consider making a change to showcase the lifestyle of someone who uses your products rather than just your products themselves.
Taking your online marketing up a notch can really bring your fashion brand to the next level. Consider using the tips mentioned above to improve your fashion brand’s digital presence today.


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