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3 Ways You Can Be A Better Manager In 2016

BY Rebecca | 8 February, 2016 | no comments

Managing people in a professional capacity can be a real challenge. From effectively executing work to resolving conflicts and inspiring success, a great manager has to be able to juggle many different responsibilities. However, not many people have the natural talent of being a superstar manager from the get-go. If this sounds like you, here are three ways you can begin to be a better manager this year than you were last year.

Understanding Management As A Skill

If you ever spent time with your company while not in a management position, you likely undertook certain trainings or classes to become better at your job. Well, just because you’re now not doing so much of the grunt work doesn’t mean that you should slow down your continuing education in order to be better at your job.

Rich Hein, a contributor to, reminds managers that management is a skill that can be honed and built upon just like any other work skill. For this reason, you should be making it a priority to learn as much as you can about being effective in your position, either by taking management training courses, studying on your own, or taking on challenges that will stretch you as a manager.

Improve In Uncomfortable Areas

To make it to the position of manager, you likely already had some of the necessary skills to effectively perform the job. However, because managers have to wear so many hats, it’s unlikely that you’ve mastered them all yet. Because of this, recommends for leaders to discover the areas of management that they struggle with and then strive to improve in those areas first rather than perfecting the areas you’re already decent at. By using this strategy, you’ll become a manager who can have long-term management success rather than short-lived management success.

Set Your Workers Up For Success

Not only do you need to be successful as a manager, but you also need to help your workers to be successful as well. The better you can accomplish this, the easier your job will be. But what can you do to set your workers up for success?

According to Eileen Levitt, a contributor to, a manager can create a successful worker atmosphere by understanding your team’s vision and strategy, clearly conveying your expectations, and investing in your workers by providing them with what they need for success, including a safe, clean work environment that breeds appreciation and respect. Setting your workers up for success in these three ways will help your entire team become a more effective part of your company as a whole.

You don’t have to let another day go by doubting your own abilities as a manager. Use the tips mentioned above to help yourself become the manager your team needs and your company wants.


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