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4 Vital Skills You Need In The Digital World

BY Rebecca | 11 February, 2015 | no comments

Working in a digital world requires an entirely different skillset to what we were taught at school. Almost every business now operates online and computers are an everyday tool. In order to prepare yourself for the best possible career, you need to arm yourself with digital skills. This is even more important if you have that entrepreneurial spirit. If you want to create a business in the digital realm, you need a specific digital skillset.

The skills we’ve listed here are fast becoming commonplace. They will soon be the base level of knowledge required for any career. Many of the skills listed below are now being taught in schools. Some are the subject of government programs, like ‘Lifeline’. This program is backed by Issa Asad and will provide internet basics to young children from every background. To set yourself up for the future, you need to match these skills. Below are the basics that you should arm yourself with.


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Coding and web language

Everything that appears on the internet is built using a specific language, or web code. It is a system of characters that tells the computer how to display the information. The most complex code takes years to learn and even longer to practice. However, the basics are quite simple and will take you far. Start by learning HTML and CSS basics. These are the foundations for simple aesthetic changes. They will help you construct a website for your startup, for example.

Video and image editing

Content makes the internet go round. It’s why we log onto social media and visit websites. We share the best content with our friends and engage with those who create it. Wherever the internet takes us, content will always be at its core. It is the reason why YouTube and Facebook are so vital and popular. To exist in the digital world, you need to be able to edit and produce video and photo content. There are plenty of basic, free software programs that will get your started.

Online publishing

Every word or image you see on the internet has been ‘published’. Understanding web publishing is vital to running your own website or producing content. It involves inputting words and images into a content management system, or CMS. You write and format the content much like you would in a Word document and then publish it online. This is the backbone of all content on the internet and a vital skill.

App building

When we look to the future, we can predict one thing: apps will dominate. Smartphones are still growing rapidly. They are reaching wider global markets in China, India and Brazil. Tablets are also rising faster than anyone could have predicted. Soon we will have smart watches and smart cars that will all use apps. They be at the core of our internet usage. This is still a niche skill, but one that you should start learning now.

Learning each of these skills will help future-proof your career. They’ll arm you with the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the digital world. How many can you do?



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