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5 Careers That Were Built By Technology

BY Rebecca | 9 August, 2015 | no comments

With the advent of the technology age, new jobs have been popping up all over the place. Some of these careers are completely new fields created by our changing societal needs, but some of them are simply better ways of executing tasks from the past. If you are looking at your job security or looking for a new career, you may want to consider one of these industries built by our tech-savvy nation.

App Developers

The age of smartphones has brought with it a whole slew of advances and needs. Apps have become one of the greatest ways to broadcast your business, offer services to existing clientele or even develop new clientele. The age of computer programs has begun to dwindle, with more and more people looking for useful information delivered directly to their hands.


Social Media Managers

When facebook hit the social media scene back in 2004, no one could have predicted the impact it would have on business and social landscapes. It is now nearly impossible to have a successful online business without catering to individuals in the social media program. Businesses are now hiring individuals whose entire purpose is to run their social media sites and promote online business. This definitely is a job that could not have existed without the internet, computer and mobile phone usage you are seeing today.

Chief Listening Officer

This is an employee who is a step above the social media manager. CLOs are managers who work to keep an eye on all social media and online feedback from clientele. Before the ease of online communication, businesses would pitch and consumers would purchase. But with the changing tide of technology, businesses are finding themselves more and more on the listening side of the consumer conversation.

Cloud Computing Services

These are not people sitting around adding up the clouds in the sky. The birth of cloud storage has allowed many industries to boom, including Google. Companies are now having to hire specialists to manage the unbelievable amount of data stored online by consumers. Most businesses have begun to recognize and utilize the appeal of cloud storage to the consumer and require highly trained individuals to manage this industry.


User Experience Design

Have you ever been impressed by how easy a new iPhone was to navigate? Feeling content that your new coffee maker did not require you to read the directions? User Experience Design is a field that enhances the usability of products. This can be as simple as altering an alarm clock from a blaring noise to a softly building sound to emulate the gradual growth of birds singing in the morning or the complexity of GPS devices that speak to the driver.


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