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5 Creative Marketing Techniques To Increase Business

BY Rebecca | 15 October, 2015 | no comments

Depending on your industry, marketing can be a real bear, especially in the world of tiny attention spans and over-processed brains of potential clients and customers. However, depending on how creative you’re willing to get, there’s always room for great products to flourish, as long as they’re being presented in the right way.

To help you out to this end as a marketer, consider the five following marketing techniques in the general categories of call-back services, meeting people face to face when possible, really using social media to the most of its ability, organic marketing on things like YouTube channels, and using the latest news in company blog posts.

Initiate a Call-back Service

One of the more quick and interesting ways to increase business is to initial some kind of semi-casual callback service. For example, some creative companies in the medical field have started a call-back service where you send in an email with a particular medical condition, and a doctor will call you back with a second opinion about any number of questions that you have. It can be what seems like a small service, but it will make you money based on your expertise and communication skills.

Meet People Head On

Meeting people face to face in today’s impersonal world is a great way to increase business. Since so many goods, products, and services are so similar, if someone knows that they’ve met you in the past, and actually made physical contact with you, they’ll choose your company over someone else’s that seem more anonymous. That level of relationship is very important.

Use Social Media To Interact

Another way to increase business is by using social media. By understanding the principles of connection in digital world, you’re giving yourself a competitive advantage over businesses that are stuck in the past. Between meeting people fact to fact and also using social media for virtual communications, you’re getting the best of all worlds.

Trying Organic Marketing On YouTube Channels

YouTube channels are a big deal these days, and if you can figure out how to use organic marketing on one of the more popular channels, you’ll move your way into the consciousness of a gigantic market, and when used properly, people will like what you’re doing without even knowing why!

Use the News In Blog Posts

Finally, by using links to the latest news and somehow creating a connection between it and the product or service you’re selling, there’s that realm of possible business increase as well. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to associate one topic with another, but the better job you do of it, the more client interest you’re going to have.


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