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5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Potential Communications Provider

BY Rebecca | 10 November, 2014 | no comments

Your communications solutions provider could be a vital partner for your business and the success of it, so choosing the right one is crucial.

Finding the one best-suited to your organisation can be difficult, but here are a list of questions you can ask to make sure you work with the perfect fit.

  1. What is the company’s experience?

If they have experience in providing converged voice and data solutions, and are able to do this whilst considering and leveraging the most cost-effective way to do this, then they should be worth some consideration. Not every provider can do this.

  1. How do they choose their own technology partners?

It is always worth seeing how the business communications partner select their own partners so you know whether they can tailor your business requirements to best suit you.

  1. Is the company’s solution scalable?

Whether your solution is scalable or not is a game-changer, especially when you consider your plan to grow or scale-down to become more efficient. If it isn’t a scalable solution it can actually impact your company’s growth.

  1. Are the company recommending the best solution for you?

It is important that the communications solutions partner is providing you with a solution that is tailored to you, and not them. Ask them to give you a selection of technologies, benefits and pitfalls so you can work out which one covers most bases for your business.

  1. Does the company address its security and service quality?

Security is at the top of everyone’s lists at the moment, so it is essential that you are reassured that the solution offered is integral. It also worth being assured that business performance and operations will not be compromised either.

Look for the business communications partner who can provide the right fit between your business and theirs to ensure that your business can benefit from a better performance and stronger growth.

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