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5 Things You’ll Need To Open A Pop-Up Restaurant

BY Rebecca | 11 September, 2015 | no comments

Fancy yourself as a bit of a cook? If so, why not think about making some money from it? You could go down the route of buying a van and doing the festival circuit, but if budget is an issue, try a pop-up restaurant. They take less investment and are an excellent way to test the waters before you give up your current life for the kitchen. But – there are some things you’ll need before you get started. Let’s take a look at them now.

A good idea

First of all, there is little point in opening a pop-up restaurant if you are just offering the same old dining experience. The food has to be no less than fantastic, different to everything else that is on sale in the area and offer excellent value to your guests. You could think about teaming up with a local charity and putting on a night or a weekend for them, or a local civic organization. Whatever you decide, make t unique, and give people an experience they can’t get anywhere else. Whether that is high-quality food for reduced prices or just an exciting evening is up to you.


Edsel Little

A location

The next step is to find somewhere to hold your event. You’ll need an empty premises, but one that has the facilities to allow you to cook safely in there. You’ll need gas, electricity, running water, and you’ll also have to check for any damage to the building. Think about the size of the room and how many people you can fit in there. But, also be aware that the size of the kitchen might stop you serving quite so many covers. In short, don’t start planning the finer points of your evening or weekend until you have sourced the premises.

A menu

Now you know where you are opening your pop-up, it’s time to design your menu. The world is your oyster, here, but we would recommend you go easy on choice. That’s especially true if you only have a small kitchen space. Once you have settled on your menu, print them up, and cover them. Get some lamination pouches to protect them from food splashes. You’ll need to move quickly on the night, and won’t have time to replace menus at every sitting – a quick wipe will do the trick.


Now it’s time to let people know about your event. Take to social media and share it with your friends. With any luck, they will share it with their buddies, and that will help you build some steam. Depending on numbers, you could hold a private, invitation-only party. This will guarantee you people on seats, and is probably the safest option. If you are going for an open evening, you’ll have a bit more work to do yet. Get in touch with the local media and persuade them to do a feature on you. Use flyers and adverts in the paper to get your message across, too.

A great team

Finally, let’s take a look at your team. You’ll need reliable people on board that can put a shift in, and that don’t mind getting their hands dirty. The premises has to be decked out and looking fabulous, and that’s before your first customer even comes in. You’ll need someone to greet people, waiting staff and reliable crew in the kitchen. It won’t be easy – but with the right team behind you, you have every chance of success. Good luck with the new venture!



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