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7 Straight Forward Tips to Choosing the Right Truck for your Business

BY Rebecca | 22 December, 2015 | no comments


Image by: TruckPR via flickr

As your business continues to grow, meeting customer demand will likely mean that buying a truck is your next logical step. Before rushing out and spending loads of money or signing up for more debt it is important to ask yourself exactly why you need a truck and what owning one will do to improve your business.


As there are many different types of trucks, the first thing to consider is what kind of load it will be carrying, i.e. boxes, pallets, soil and aggregate, machinery, liquids, chemicals, livestock, or something else entirely? What does a typical day of truck driving in your business look like? How many kilometres would the truck be driven and on what type of roads? Is it mostly city driving or will the truck be used on highways for long haulage, or on rural, unsealed roads? How much weight will it need to carry and how will the load be stored or secured? How will it be loaded and unloaded? All these questions will have a bearing on the type of truck purchased and there will be very specific answers, depending on the nature of your business.


Be sure to write down the answers to all these questions and any more you feel are important. This will help narrow down your search if you are buying privately. If you are purchasing from a dealership or truck sales yard, taking the list to the sales person will help them target the type of vehicle that will provide the best solutions to your requirements.


Know exactly how much you can afford to spend and firmly stick to it as it’s easy to be swayed to keep on increasing your truck budget, especially when talking with trained sales staff. If you have crunched the numbers in advance then you will know with certainty what figure is affordable. Anything more may end up causing financial stress in the future and unmanageable debt is the number one business killer there is.


One of the best ways to decide on which truck is the best for your business is to seek recommendations from other owners of the same vehicle. Nothing compares to hands on experience and being able to ask someone who has driven the truck you are considering buying could end saving much frustration, wasted money and lost revenue further down the track.


Internet forums are an excellent way to connect with owner drivers, mechanics, and others who drive trucks for a living. Sometimes it is a simple matter of entering the make and model number into Google and looking for reviews and real world feedback. If a large number of people consistently report specific problems and take the time to write about parts that have been repaired repeatedly then it is best to heed such warnings.


Trade magazines specific to commercial vehicles are also an excellent source of information that can help one become more informed before spending large sums of money. Certain consumer magazines do side by side comparisons of the pros and cons of particular models making it easy to contrast and decide.


The pros and cons of buying a new or used truck are numerous. The primary consideration should be mileage and mechanical condition, rather than trying to buy at the lowest possible price. Certainly bargains can be found but in general the old adage applies; you get what you pay for. While the used price may seem good at the time, any breakdowns, repairs and delays in doing business will be very costly. Striking the right balance between cost, risk, and reliability can be tricky to get right but is not impossible.

If your finances allow for it then buying new is always the recommended option and has definite advantages. Having a warranty that is backed up by the manufacturer and dealer is priceless, as is the peace of mind knowing that mechanical problems are unlikely to surprise you. A new vehicle that is treated well should last for many years and can still be sold for a good price when it comes time to buy your next new truck.

When it comes to choosing the right truck for your business, being well-prepared and knowing exactly what you require of the vehicle will make purchasing the perfect truck much easier. Ultimately, there is no need to rush your decision. Take time to get a good feel for the market and trust that when the right deal appears you will be ready to buy. Patience really does pay off.


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