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Are You Using These Unique Marketing Tools?

BY Rebecca | 27 December, 2015 | no comments

There are a lot of different marketing tools that you can use, but not all of them are as great as others. It really depends on how far of a reach you want, how much money you want to invest, and whether or not you also want a local presence. It’s definitely not difficult to market your business in numerous places, and all over the world.

Are you using all of the marketing tools that are available to you? Are you using them the best ways that they can be used? You’re about to find out.

Lesser Used Social Media

You probably already know that you should have your business on social media, but if all you are using is Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you may be missing out. While those may be popular social media sites, and they definitely have their usefulness, there are also some others you should look into.

Four must joins are LinkedIN, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. Each of these offer something a bit different than their social media counterparts. LinkedIN is a great place for businesses, and lets you keep that business side of things shining bright, but is also somewhat similar to the social media you are used to.

For something a bit different, the other three offer space for photos or videos. Pinterest is a place to share links, via a photo, to products, blogs, and more. While Instagram is all about photos, and it’s a great place to share them– think of it as the Twitter of photo social media. YouTube lets you share videos, from commercials, to mini movies, and even product demonstrations.

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is being used in businesses to share information between employees and their peers, but it can also offer some great results when used with customers or potential customers. Sharing knowledge with your customers can be done in numerous ways, which includes using videos (hence the need for YouTube), and even through your business blog.

Ghost Writers

All businesses need a blog, it’s likely you already know that. However, who is posting on your blog? If you don’t have enough time to put a new, well researched, post each day on your blog it may be time to consider hiring a ghostwriter, or a company that supplies ghostwritten articles for your blog. This way you get the great articles you need, and you have time to focus on the rest of your business’ needs.

Your Local Paper

If you want to get your business out there in the local scene, don’t look past your local newspaper. The internet may be far more popular these days than print media, but print media still reaches a good many, including the few that still don’t spend much of their time online. It can be well worth the cost of an ad for the extra reach in your local vicinity.


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