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Avenues of Marketing Businesses Need to Take Advantage of in 2016

BY Rebecca | 27 June, 2016 | no comments

Everything changes. You can do all you want to stop the process of change, but it’s inevitable. It might be a slow process, it might be quick. You never really know. Like in plate tectonics, it might take thousands of years for a continent to move a foot, but in one moment, something can shift and you’ve got a massive fault in the ground, or a new mountain range.

Change in business is somewhat like plate tectonics. Methods of operation might hardly change over 20 years and businesses can resist change all they want, but one day, a new technology comes out and everything is restructured to account for it. Marketing is like this. For years, it was customary to use newspaper and large print to garner attention. Today, these methods are still used, but they’re quickly becoming irrelevant.

If you’re a business and are unsure of avenues of marketing you need to take advantage of in 2016, here’s where you should start:

The Mobile Market

In the world of smartphones, tablets, and virtual, wearable technology, the need to capitalize on these aspects becomes more real. By 2019, an estimated 2.5 billion people are predicted to have smartphones. This means that a large part of the world market is doing their purchasing through a mobile format. They also spend much of their time surfing the internet from a mobile platform.

One aspect of the mobile market that is crucial to get a grip on is social media. If you manage your social media accounts with the right strategy, you’ll be at the head of the game. The mobile market is primarily composed of social media outlets, so do all you can to know what that entails and you’ll be more likely to have success.

Interactive Platforms

People are all about the experience they can have today. It’s why people do crazy things. It’s why people try drugs and go bungee jumping. If you want to have a leg up in marketing in 2016, you have to create an experience that is going to have people talking and jumping at the chance to try your product.

Maybe you’re just an electrical company or a finance management company and you don’t know how to take your product and offer it to people in a way that is interactive. That’s where creative thinking comes in. Maybe you design business cards that are artsy and make people remember you. Maybe that means you incorporate visual methods of marketing into your game plan.

Whatever you can do to stimulate and excite the user is what needs to be done. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t directly related to your product. As long as you get the person involved in something that is interactive, they’ll be more likely to remember you as well as share your business with their friends because you did something exciting and different.


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