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Benefits To Business For Using Promotional Bags

BY Rebecca | 19 February, 2015 | no comments

Using promotional merchandise to improve brand awareness has been an old school marketing tactic for decades and is still widely used today – the main reason is that it works.

The design of bags has very much stayed the same too, but the type of bag used may have changed or progressed slightly and this is because of environmental issues with the likes of plastic bags being regularly highlighted.

Big brands use paper bags and cotton bags as part of their marketing strategies, especially those in the supermarket and high street retailer sectors, as this allows customers to easily carry their items home, and it means prolonged brand awareness. Some examples of this include Primark, Tesco for their groceries and Amazon.


As well as being able to completely personalise the message on the bag to coincide with any marketing strategy running or TV advert that is live, the general usefulness of environmentally friendly bags mean that this message is likely to be in the public eye on more than one occasion. This is great for exposure and is a clear benefit for business.

Value-for-money is another key benefit to brands, and this is based on the same point as above, because these items have a low cost per impression. On average around the world, bags are kept for nearly 7 months before they are recycled or passed on to friends or family. This does mean a huge amount of visibility.

Robust bags made from canvas, cotton and paper prolong this use even further, which makes them even more beneficial to business.


These types of bags are obviously better for the environment when compared to their plastic rivals, which can be a good image for the company too, as well as helping them do their bit for the planet. In fact, a lot of animals die each year from getting tangled up in plastic bags in the ocean and by chewing bits of plastic they find in the streets.

As well as being great value-for-money, environmentally friendly bags are useful too which makes them a winner when it comes to getting a business’s brand ‘out there’ and should be considered when implementing your marketing strategy.


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