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Boost Revenue Through Online Reputation Management

BY Rebecca | 4 April, 2015 | no comments

Expansion of a business from small to large scale requires the implementations of marketing strategies effectively. One of such  strategy is to manage your online reputation. Often business entrepreneurs underestimate the power of online reputation. Recognition of a brand results in profound penetration into the media platform. The way to shape the mind of the customers about your brand is your job. According to the views of the experts, online reputation is the secret element which accounts for success.

To what extent online reputation matters?

Having a bad reputation online can act upon your revenue. For instance, you are facing a serious problem with online reputation. When a positive customer will type the name of your company, he will get 6 negative comments out of top 10 results on Google’s page. After seeing those comments, he will automatically give up the idea of buying your product or service. As a result, you will face huge losses. The worst part is that the negative reviews are most of the time on those websites that get better rank in SERPs, so anyone searching your company will definitely notice them. Irrespective of its genuineness these negative results endanger the online repute of the company.


How to manage online reputation?

As positive reviews displayed on Google’s page won’t remain forever, you should take steps now to manage the negative ones. On the basis of social media, latest news and changes in the algorithm, the positive reviews may get disappear. Management of online reputation is a constant process and you must do it regularly to avoid any misfortunes. You can visit to seek their help regarding managing your company’s name. It will send pop-ups to you when they receive any comment against your company. These pop -ups make you aware of the comments and let you take a command over it.

Hunt for your name in the Google web as well as Google images. Activate Google alert on your name to get a record of the latest content. You can receive a single notification per day so as to keep away the ‘inbox full’ issues.


Create an account on the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. Post new content every month. Joining a social site is significant because it provides you the platform to share your thoughts and ideas and also comments on others’. Here, you can also tell others about the services or products your company is offering and how it can benefit the customers. In this way, you can manage your reputation. Apart from these, you can chat directly with your customers too.

Today, we all are living a busy life. It’s quite possible that you are not getting enough time to do all these stuffs to maintain your reputation, but at the same time you earnestly want to do that. Go to and let them make your online presence stronger by helping you in managing your reputation. Although it requires some time, but with the guidance of the proper business listing company, you will surely excel in it.


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