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A Few Clever Tips For Marketing You May Not Have Thought Of

BY Rebecca | 29 May, 2016 | no comments

When it comes to marketing these days the focus seems to continually be on the online aspect of it, which is great since it allows you to reach the most people. However, if your business isn’t strictly virtual you may be missing out on local customers if you aren’t doing some local marketing as well.

It’s likely that you have your business cards, and maybe you hand them out and leave them around town once in awhile. But, if that’s all you are doing to catch local interest you may be missing out.

Using Your Car

You can use your car as a way to advertise your business. Many people are already doing this, from small companies to large ones, and even franchises. By getting a magnetic sign to put on your door, bumper stickers, or even a large door sticker if you are completely committed to your business, you are advertising your business everywhere you go, and even while your empty care is just sitting in a parking lot.

Handing Out Flyers

The simplicity of handing out flyers is lost on many businesses these days, aside from the coupon and menu flyers left under windshield wipers by restaurants. While you will want to know your localities ordinances when it comes to leaving flyers on people’s vehicles, many stores, including grocery stores and banks, have bulletin boards designed just for local businesses and patrons to share events and flyers.

Join The Local Parade

If your city or town has a parade, for any occasion, be in the lineup for it. This is a great chance to be seen by your local community. Have that magnetic sign on your vehicle, or even just walk in the parade with a banner advertising your business.

This is also another chance to hand out those flyers and business cards that you have invested in. Make sure you have some candy too, so that people feel like you didn’t rip them off by just giving them papers!

Check Out The Business Expo

Many small towns and big cities have local business expos, where businesses can set up a booth and hand out pens and prizes, and let the community know what they offer. This is a great way to get your name out there. Even if your business has been around a while, that doesn’t mean that you won’t catch some new blood strolling through the expo.

Make sure that your setup at the expo has plenty to offer. You want to send people off with the information they need in order to want to do business with you, like brochures. Plus, no expo is complete without free business advertisement swag.


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