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How Clued-Up Are You On Your Logos? – Take the quiz

BY Rebecca | 21 February, 2017 | no comments

One of the toughest logo quizzes in existence has been created by Precision Printing, provider of specialist books printing services, all set to challenge even the savviest of brand aficionados and most clued-up of marketers.

Logos undoubtedly form a big part of our everyday lives, coming with us wherever we go really, from the ones we spot as car emblems right up to those we see while commuting via public transport systems. We even see them on the packaging of food, in shopping malls and even when we’re relaxing and socialising.

If there’s anything a logo is meant to do, it’s to ensure consumers instantly recognise the brand that logo represents. This small advert of the company needs to give people information about what the organisation is all about, what the organisation does and it should have a natural association with the rest of the brand.

Based on your ability to recognise which logo belongs to which brand, join us in discovering just what some of the most effective logos are. Take the quiz below and test your knowledge.



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