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Have You Considered Your Mobile Strategy For 2015?

BY Rebecca | 12 January, 2015 | no comments

Mobile technology is now a way of life. For those that are keen to make their business a sure fire success, it’s time to consider your mobile strategy. Mobile is going to become the way to make your business grow. Business growth is now entirely dependent on companies having a kick ass mobile strategy.

When it comes to making your business a successful one, you need to consider your mobile strategy.

Here is how.

The Use of Apps

For any business, the use of apps is now more important than ever. Apps allow for a greater customer experience. But, they can also be a tool for promotion. Mobile app developers in London have stated just how important apps are to businesses. As part of your businesses mobile strategy, you need to ensure that you have an app. Apps are great tools for customer retention and sales generation. But, they can also ensure that you build a loyal customer base. Apps are going to be a key way of marketing products and services. With the rise of mobile technology, it goes without saying that an app is vital to your success. Couple your app with your responsive web design. You will be onto a winner.

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Johan Larsson

Location, Location, Location

Mobile strategies need to go beyond the obvious. With this, it’s time to think about location. Did you know that 72% of mobile users are now using location search? So, it’s time to start considering how you will use location-based services as part of your mobile strategy. Things such as check in on social media are important. But, there are also other ways that you can encourage the use of location. Consider advertising that is specifically tailored towards location based services. This may mean creating messages within apps to ensure that your business is on the right road to success. Location search is now becoming a mainstay. Consider your Google pages and directory. These are vital when devising a mobile strategy that has location at the heart of it.

Getting Personal

Personalised marketing is no longer a luxury. It’s now becoming a way of life. If you want to ensure that you are maximising your mobile potential, you need to start considering how to get personal. Getting personal with your clients is vital for 2015. Your mobile strategy can incorporate personalised information that is geared towards your consumers. Gone are the days of simply adding a customer’s name to their marketing materials. By using a mobile strategy that incorporates personal details, you can make sure that you are targeting the right people. This should be based on their location and interaction with your brand. Of course, you should always ensure that you have an opt-in strategy in place. Do bear in mind that you cannot send personalised messages without permission. So, make sure that you are using this method sparingly.

Mobile marketing is vital for 2015. As the use of mobile is only going to grow, you need to have a strategy in place that is tailored towards individual customers. Your brand will thrive and grow with the onset of mobile strategies.


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