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What To Do When You Have Creative Block: Valuable Tips

BY Rebecca | 19 January, 2015 | no comments

We all know that creativity is at the heart of a successful business. If you want to ensure that your company is ahead of the game, you need to be brimming with new ideas all the time. Most entrepreneurs find it super simple to come up with new concepts. In fact, that is the main reason that many people decide to go it alone in the first place. When you hit a wall, though, it can feel impossible to think of even one plausible idea. If you hit a creative block, you need to take action. Creative block is something, which happens to the best of us. Here is how you can deal with it fast.

Stop trying so hard

The first bit of advice, which I will give you, is to stop trying so hard. When you push yourself too much, everything can feel as though it is impossible. Instead, you need to chill out. Remember, getting the perfect idea is not vital to your happiness. You might think about nothing else but your lack of ideas for weeks. That is unhealthy. Take a step back and give yourself some space from the situation.


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Call a staff meeting

Sometimes, it truly helps to talk to other people about your ideas. You may have concepts that you think are silly, but you will never know until you share them with a group. If you don’t have a proper meeting area in your office, look at some prices for meeting rooms in Waterloo. Ask your staff to bring a pen and paper with them. You need to get out of your head. That means that you need to talk to other people for a change. If you get other people’s opinions, you will find that it is easy to come up with some new ideas.

Keep a notebook by your bed

Your dreams are signs of your unconscious mind. That means that they hold the answers to what you are thinking about on a daily basis. When you wake up, you will still have some memories of your dreams. You should make notes so that you can look at them later. You might find that the incredible concept, you have been waiting for, is already in your head. When you review your notes later, you might find that you have some fantastic ideas.

Get rid of your worries

If you let work stress you out, that in itself is counterproductive. When you worry, it means that you can’t think straight. You will never come up with an idea if you spend all your time stressing about it. Take a day for yourself. Go get a massage or do some shopping. It might sound a little odd, but if you give yourself some time to relax, you will find that you can approach the matter with a fresh mindset.

Take a walk

If you can’t give yourself an entire day off, you should ensure that you get out of the office for a while. During your lunch break, you need to make sure that you go take a walk. Doing so will help you to clear your mind and relax you. When you sit in your office all day long, there is no way you can be creative.

Think of something ridiculous

When you are hoping to think of a new idea, you need to let yourself think outside of the box. Think of the most bizarre concept you can imagine and use that as your starting point. Once you get rid of all the stupid ideas in your mind, you can start thinking clearly about viable options. You should never be afraid of your imagination. Instead, you need to embrace it. Write down every thought that pops into your head.


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