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Why You Should Not Ditch the Telephone in the Digital Age

BY Rebecca | 7 December, 2014 | no comments

Emails and text messages are our preferred method of communication. But, in the world of business, a text message won’t fly. While many people are keen to ditch the telephone in the advent of the digital age, it is vital that you don’t. After all, the importance of phones cannot be stressed enough. For the professional CEO, a telephone is the best way of making sure that you are on track with your clients. A rushed email is not the way to handle your business affairs. If you have ever thought about texting a customer, well, push this thought away.

As a consummate professional, you need to ensure that you are providing your clients with a professional service.

Here is why.

The Personal Touch

Digital communication is a fantastic thing. But, it is no substitute for the human voice. If you need a rapid response to a supplier query, or a client needs answers, taking to email won’t do. Speaking to people is imperative. This ensures that you can handle your business right here, right now. You don’t have to wait for people to wade through their emails. You can get answers when you need them. This creates a sense of urgency. But, your clients will love you for it. They will see that you are adding a personal touch to your business that so many others lack in today’s digital age.

An Effective Means of Communicating

An all singing all dancing phone, like the Mitel 5000 London, can ensure that you have an effective method of communicating in your business. An email can sound harsh, or it cannot deliver the urgency of your request. But, talking to people means that you can convey a certain level of emotion when you are dealing with your contacts. This ensures that you get the job done in an efficient way. Your voice is one of the most important business tools at your disposal. Use it. This ensures that jobs get done, and people are aware of your expectations. After all, an email is open to the reader’s interpretation. Pick up the phone and make sure that you get the job done.


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Interact With Your Clients

It’s not good business sense to hold a meeting for every little thing. So, picking up the phone becomes the next best thing. Whether you choose to video or conference call, this is one of the most interactive ways that you can handle your client’s requests. It can save time and money. But, you also guarantee that you are interacting on a personal level.

Ensuring Confidentiality

Confidentiality is at the heart of all businesses. When it comes to emails, some information is just too sensitive to send. A phone call can ensure that you are keeping in line with your client’s confidentiality requests. This can guarantee that data is not lost. But, it also means that you don’t have to worry about breaches within a company.

Of course, you should never replace digital means in your business. But, you don’t have to forgo the telephone. In fact, keeping one on your desk will ensure that you have a well-oiled business machine.


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