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How to Drag Your Business into the 21st Century

BY Rebecca | 3 March, 2015 | no comments

One of the major reasons established companies have been going under over the past decade has been an inability to adapt to changes. New business practices and technological advances have been at the forefront of these changes. An old 20th century business model will get you nowhere today. If you fail to adapt, sooner or later, your business will be swallowed up by more dynamic competition.

If you’ve still got a fax machine plugged into the corner of the office and you don’t know the difference between VoIP and a CMS, you better read on! These tips will help you pull your struggling business into the current century.

Improve Your Website (or Create One!)

A slick, functional website is vital for any successful business nowadays. Potential customers should be able to find out all about you online. Your website has to inform the visitor of who you are and what you’re offering as soon as they log on. Don’t make it jumbled or confused as people will leave as quickly as they arrived.

Don’t forget to use responsive web design when you’re undertaking the job. This means your website will be viewable on both computers and handheld devices. If you don’t know what you’re doing, find a professional web designer to do the job for you.


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Get Your Appliances and Computer Systems in Order

If your electronic appliances are slow and out of date, your business will most likely be pretty inefficient. Upgrading can be costly but it will be worth it, and your employees will certainly appreciate the improvement.

If you want some extra help, find a company that can offer Managed Print Services in London. This’ll take some of the strain off you and improve your efficiency.

Encourage Remote Working

In the past, it was nearly always necessary to have a centralised office where all the staff worked from 9 to 5. This is no longer the case though. With all the technology available it can actually be a lot more convenient and cost effective to let your staff work from home when possible.

Use an instant messaging service for them to stay in contact with you throughout the working day and ask them to send you their work via email whenever you want it. You can even get them involved in meetings using video conferences.

Create an Open and Relaxed Office

Don’t shut away your staff in restrictive little compartments. Nowadays, an open and collaborative workspace is seen as the best way to boost productivity. Make the office open plan and organise workstations so that constant communication is possible. Do everything you can to keep the atmosphere relaxed and laid back too. Being overbearing and authoritarian isn’t good for anyone.

Do Your Marketing Online

I’m not saying that an ad in the local paper is useless these days, but there are so many other marketing methods modern companies need to be embracing. Email marketing is one of them. Work at building up a stockpile of customer email addresses and then send out an email at least once a week promoting your offers and products.

Social media is pivotal too. Stay in touch with your customers via Twitter and Facebook and casually promote your products in a laid back and natural tone.



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