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The Easiest Ways to Grow Your Business

BY Rebecca | 11 February, 2015 | no comments

Everyone wants to grow their business, but nobody wants to spend too much time or money doing it. This is especially true if you’re a small business with a tight budget. The following pointers will help you to grow your business in the easiest possible way.

Keep Your Customers as Happy as Larry

The first step is to make sure your service is so good that your customers are as happy as Larry (whoever he is). It’s much harder to find new customers than it is to keep your old ones, so by concentrating on people who are already coming to you, you should quickly grow your business. Not only will they be more likely to work with you again, they’ll sing your praises to everybody, encouraging new customers to go to you. Your reputation will speak for itself.

Delegate Tasks Efficiently

By delegating tasks efficiently, you’ll leave yourself more time to do things only you can do. Delegating tasks is something that CEOs must be good at. Who is suited to which task? Which jobs do you trust your staff to do for you? Make sure your whole team is on the same page for the best results.

Outsource When Necessary

Your business doesn’t need to do every single thing alone. You should definitely outsource work when necessary. It’ll free up your time to do more important things, and you’ll still get everything done. One way to outsource is to visit Ameridial. This way you’ll never miss a call again, and your clients won’t know that it isn’t you answering the phone.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

Keeping your branding consistent is essential if you want to build relationships with your customers. They’ll trust you more if they recognise you, and you can only do that by keeping similar brand colors, themes, logos, and text throughout.

Stay On Top of Current Marketing Methods

Use the most current marketing methods to stay on top of your game. SEO and PPC are two tried and tested methods, but now everybody is building social media profiles and blogging. These two methods are the most recent and effective ways to engage, so use them!


picture – Ken Teegardin

Get a Mobile Site

If you haven’t already got a mobile site, you’re missing out on a ton of traffic. People often use their mobile rather than a computer or laptop to browse, and what happens if they’re looking for you? Without a mobile site, they’ll get frustrated and find somebody else to work with. Here are some more stats on mobile browsing to convince you.

Update Your Site Regularly

If you don’t keep your site updated, you’ll look as if you don’t care. Having a high quality website that’s easy to use, with regular, unique content is the only way to keep those customers coming back for more.

Growing your business doesn’t need to be hard or a chore. You should enjoy it! Keeping your customers happy and thinking of them before anyone else is the best way to get started. Good luck!



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