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Five simple changes that will improve traffic to your site

BY Rebecca | 8 May, 2015 | no comments

In this increasingly digital world, creating one’s own website is becoming a more and more challenging task. Indeed, developments in technology are giving rise to a new wave of creative web developers, and while this is seeing our websites go in directions we’ve never seen before, it’s also a huge task to make sure that we are still attracting visitors amongst all this competition.

But attracting visitors doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think – in fact, there are a few simple tricks you can employ which will see the numbers going up. If you’re suffering from low traffic numbers, try some of these tactics.

Content is king

First and foremost, a website which is lacking in high quality content will instantly turn off visitors – not just because they won’t want to read the content, but it will also rank poorly in search engine results pages. Google has algorithms which look for fresh, original content with high standards of spelling and grammar. You can also try varying article lengths – keep some short and snappy to reel people in, while longer posts will help your rankings.


Don’t confuse readers with over-complicated design

While new web design trends may be coming in thick and fast nowadays, it’s important not to get too sucked into anything too whacky, as this could potentially deter visitors. There’s a lot to be said for simplicity, a trend which has proven effective in a number of different site genres. Online gaming site Spin Palace, for example, uses easy-to-navigate menus, search bars and headlines which instantly grab the reader’s attention.

Make your design mobile friendly

Anyone who is internet savvy will be aware of the latest algorithm update from Google. The latest changes mean that sites which have been optimised for mobile devices will rank higher in its search engine results pages. However, this doesn’t have to mean a drastic overhaul – it can simply be a case of changing your CSS media queries to responsive rather than adaptive, meaning that windows will shrink in line with a smaller screen.


Be liberal with media

It is one thing to have text and pictures, but it is another to incorporate multimedia into your site. Creating engaging content that spans video logs, podcasts, text, images, tweets, infographics and more will keep readers interested and also adhere to the aforementioned mobile design criteria. Each medium is great for both informing and exciting readers, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Go social!

A good website is one which has obvious social media links on all of its pages, encouraging users to interact with webmasters and spread the brand via a multitude of sources. Social media has been proven to be an effective customer service tool, so make sure you make the most of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more in order to give you site a more ‘personal’ approach and attract readers.


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