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Get More Productive Employees In Three Simple Steps

BY Rebecca | 7 October, 2015 | no comments

Being a business owner means you’re in charge of a team of employees. These are the people that will work their socks off for your business. Without them, you wouldn’t get anywhere near as much work done.

Sometimes, your employees can stutter and start to do less work than normal. They’ve become unproductive. Have no fear, you can make them productive again in three easy steps:

Create A Productive Working Environment

Your place of work will have a huge impact on employee productivity. If your office doesn’t have a good working environment, your employees won’t work well. You want to create a productive environment, one that encourages work! To do this, you’ll have to rid your office of any distractions. Don’t have TV screens on the wall, they can be distracting during the day. Some offices display the news on screens, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. You want to keep your employees focussed on the tasks at hand.

Another great tip is to get them comfortable tables and desks. If they’re comfortable as they work, they’ll be way more productive. Likewise, make sure your office is full of fast computers that don’t take ages to do things on. Faster computers mean faster employees. They can get more work done, therefore being more productive.

Organize Employee Training Days

One great way to make your employees more productive is to give them some extra training. You can organize training days to help them get to grips with certain things. You can deliver some pearls of wisdom and teach them all the trade secrets. As it shows on the Activia Training site, you could even train yourself to be a better trainer. That way, you’ll have all the knowledge to train up your employees effectively. By doing this, you’re teaching your employees something new. They’ll be learning how to be better at their job, which will help them be more productive.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to train them yourself, you can book training courses instead. There are hundreds of training courses that will be beneficial to your employees. You can put specific departments on specific courses. It’s a fine way to ensure that each department is as good as they can be at the jobs they do. All this will contribute to a more productive business!

Don’t Push Them Too Hard

A lot of business owners think that if you give employees lots of work, it means they’ll be more productive. The thought process is that if you give them more than you need to be completed, they’ll do what you need and then the extras. But, this isn’t the case. Often, too much work can make an employee less productive.

You don’t want to overwork your employees, or they’ll tire out. You should give them normal workloads and let them take breaks. If they can get up and walk around for five or ten minutes, it will have a massive effect on their productivity. Force someone to sit at a desk all day and they will get restless and do less work. Strike the right balance, try and get the most out of them, but don’t go overboard.

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