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Getting into the BIG Business of Marketing

BY Rebecca | 29 August, 2016 | no comments

People who are living out their working days right in the middle of the marketing sector don’t seem to be fully aware of the goldmine they’re sitting on top of. Yes, it is indeed true that the biggest amounts of wealth accumulated today are done so in the financial sector. The financial sector is also responsible for the fastest way in which wealth is being accumulated, but it really shouldn’t be that way. Here’s why:

What would the financial sector be without marketing?

Without marketing, the financial sector would be nonexistent, or at the very least it would only be a fraction of the size it currently is. I mean sure, once you have the structure built up, what could be an easier way to make money than to extract a fee out of every transaction your clients make, like if you’re a broker charging your clients for each trade they make on your platform? Take any and all forms of marketing out of this equation and you won’t have any clients to sell trades to and charge for your services of offering them a platform over which to facilitate their trades. This is why marketing remains the biggest industry with the biggest opportunities. As much as brokers can amass wealth quickly through the charges they levy over the platforms they offer, they need to market and advertise their services in order to get the critical mass required to run their operations. The same applies to any other service rendered as part of what the financial sector offers — people need to know about these services in order to take them up, including those which are seen as more of essential services than investment or trading instruments. Something like a bank account is a financial service you pretty much cannot do without in this day and age, but in order for you to know about the various options available to you, the process of marketing has to come into play somewhere along the line.

What is any sector without marketing?

It was perhaps imperative to focus first on the financial sector because that is the one sector in which the greatest amounts of wealth are being accumulated at the quickest pace, but the truth is every sector runs on marketing in one way or the other. This is why there are indeed plenty of opportunities for anyone to not only get in on the action, but also have the option of creating their very own opportunities within the marketing sector.

How to create your own marketing and profiting opportunity

The basic fundamental of profiting out of marketing is selling an opportunity to someone who in turn seeks to sell a product or service.  The opportunity you sell to them is that of them being able to get their sales message or offer in front of the eyes of their target market, so what you have to do is generate interest among that target market. To use a simple example, operating a website which analyses the odds of winning on horses or sports betting generates interest from people who are clearly interested in gambling and so if you were to offer some advertising space to an American lotto operator on your website, the likelihood is that they’ll take you up on your offer, if you can prove to have the numbers they’d be interested in reaching of course.


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