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Here’s How To Get Your New Business Noticed Online

BY Rebecca | 24 August, 2015 | no comments

Do not under estimate how competitive the online market is, if you are in the process of setting up your new business. A new company online must hit the ground running otherwise it will just be lost in the shuffle off all the competitors. New sites are launched online everyday and not all of them end up being a success. Many are just dead online spaces now that no one ever visits so stop your site becoming the next one, make the right decisions now.

  1. Give Your Site A Professional Design

We’ll worry about getting visitors to your site a little further down. For now, let’s focus on making sure they are impressed when they see it. To ensure this occurs you need to make your website look professional, secure, and unique. You can start with designing a website logo. This will give customers an image that they can link to your business. You will be surprised how much of a difference it will make if there is one at the top of your web page.

Next you need to look at the overall design. Many business owners choose to save costs by getting a free design of their site. The problem is that consumers know the difference between a website designed for free and one that cost the company a little bit more. This is part of the Halo Effect by Thomas Design. It is the psychological concept that the way something looks affects the consumer’s perception of a business or person. The best web designers take this concept into consideration when completing the project.

  2) Make It Easy To Navigate And Use

If it looks professional consumers will stick around for a while, but only if it is also easy to use and view. Take into consideration that they may not be viewing it on a typical computer screen. They could be looking at it on their tablet or phone, and that is why a responsive design is important. If your web design is responsive, how the site works will change depending on the device it is used on. It has become particularly important lately with the latest developments in tech. But this is just one form of making your site easily accessible.

You should also think about navigation. Generally speaking, you can do this by including the right links on pages. Links should be content related and here is a quick example. We are talking about link building so I might show you how to link build by sending you to a different site, or another page on this blog. Organic link building is important because it can increase your SEO ranking.

 3) Incorporate SEO

We’ve already discussed parts of SEO. Proper web design and link building is all part of the process. But, there are many other parts of search engine optimization and you will need to use them for your website to generate traffic. Because SEO is quite complex it is often a good idea to use a company that specialises in this service. They will offer you a quote on how much it will cost to optimize your site after viewing it. You can then decide if their service is worth the cost, but it is something you should consider.

These are the building blocks you need for a successful site. Using them you can ensure your business website is the internet’s next great success story.  


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