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How to Impress Your Boss With a New Tech Proposal

BY Rebecca | 3 April, 2015 | no comments

It’s a fact that CEOs tend to have a lot on their plates. More often than not they are time poor, so when approaching the boss with any fresh or innovative tech ideas, it’s always best to go in with a game plan.

Having the case for your new proposal off pat will certainly help, but what else can you do to ensure that you get the big chief’s ear? Here are a few ways you can sell new tech solutions to your boss in 2015.

Bring proven solutions and proof

As you might imagine, most CEOs don’t exactly have a lot of time to stand around while you struggle to get to the point. If you have a new file sharing service that you think could help with productivity on some level, then the key is to sell this to the boss with statistics showing how other companies have taken advantage of the service and what sorts of results that they have.

This way, the CEO can look at the report and come to their own conclusion on whether or not the system would be viable for their company too.


Line up the solution with the business mission

The best way to sell file sharing technologies to your boss in 2015 is to show him how the new technology will help your company stay more in line with its own mission statement. It helps when you see things from his perspective and figure out what sort service is going to further the goals of your organisation.

For example, if your business is focused on helping people with legal documents, a secure file sharing service might be a great way to deliver the new updates to them quickly and efficiently. You would be providing a delivery system that is safe and not accessible by anyone else, which is something you could sell to customers.

Anything that makes his job easier is going to be something that he will be likely to go for, so that’s how you have to make these services look.


Bring together disparate problems

The only thing better than showing an executive how new technological solutions can solve one problem, is showing them how it could solve multiple problems. For example, maybe productivity is down in your company, and at the same time morale is low too. Finding out the cause and providing a solution will undoubtedly get you noticed.

The problem may be because you’re getting a lot of complaints about how difficult the company’s current file sharing system is to use, how ineffective it is at getting files where they need to go, and so on. Coming in with a fresh approach to solve all of these minor niggles with one service could get you the promotion you’ve been after.

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