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How To Take Your Business To The Next Level

BY Rebecca | 19 March, 2015 | no comments

Whatever stage your business is at, you should always be thinking of the next step. If you’re not going forwards, then you’re going backwards! It’s a rule that many successful businesses live by. In fact, most profitable companies have entire departments dedicated to growth and forward planning. As a small business or a startup, you won’t always have the resources for this. However, you should always be thinking about the next step. Here’s how you reach it.



Are you really ready for the next step? – One of the big startup killers is ‘too much, too fast’. It’s the idea that you can do more or be bigger than you’re capable of. Unfortunately, this will ravage your bottom line. You’ll stretch yourself too thin and pour money into resources that just aren’t necessary yet. Take the time to figure out if your business can actually handle the next step. Is the demand there? Do you have the resources in place to do it?


Visualisation – Next, visualise where your business should go next. What exactly is the next level? The best way to do this is to set a series of goals and objectives. What are the big goals and dreams for your company? Where do you want to be in ten, five and two years? Set big goals, and break them down into smaller chunks. Figure out the little things you can do today that will help you reach those big goals.


Expand digitally – One great way to expand without spending too much or stretching resources is online. Increase your networks and expand your website. Employ a company like Icebreaker to take hold of your digital presence. If you can expand your community through social media and email signups, you’ll slowly build a bigger market. It will also increase your reputation and presence in the industry. It will stand you in good stead to take the next step.


Hire the right people – Your next big task is to find the right people to take you to that higher level. You need to find people with the experience in the upper echelons. They’ll need contacts and experience that can help push your company forward. They’ll communicate and work together as a team to inspire growth. Invest in people, it’s one of the most powerful ways to push your business forward. This will all come down to your goals and objectives. What expertise do you need to take your business to the next level?


Finally, expand your product and your market – Only now are you ready to really step it up. And this is where businesses make their mistakes. They expand their product first without the infrastructure to back it up. Instead, build the foundations first. Then upgrade or expand your product. Then reach out to new territories and increase your marketing budget.


You can only take your business to the next level when there is enough demand to do so. You’ll also need the correct resources and infrastructure in place. Without it, your business will stretch itself too thin and you’ll struggle. Expand slowly, from the ground up. Follow this advice and you’ll be ready to take the next step.



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