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Is There Any Money In Reselling Used Machinery?

BY Rebecca | 14 September, 2015 | no comments

Eagle-eyed entrepreneurs are always looking for a good opportunity. They want to capture a market and make a good return on their investment before it gets saturated. The good news is there are plenty of chances to make lots of money in the business world.

But, the bad news is that it can sometimes be hard to identify where those opportunities lie! One interesting trend is to recycle and refurbish machinery. I’m not talking about things like computers or photocopiers (although they aren’t too saturated). What I am talking about is industrial-scale equipment.


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Examples might include things like processing and stamping machines used in factories. You might not think it, but even heavy equipment gets scrapped after a while. Usually, it’s because their owners believe they aren’t worth saving. But, where there’s scrap, there’s cash, as they say!

The question is this: can you make money by refurbishing and reselling used machinery? In a word, yes. For the longer answer, let me explain with the following points:

Some companies want the latest technology

If a business has the money, it’s likely they want to keep investing in new technology. After all; it helps them to be more productive and efficient at what they do! They are the firms that seldom care about what happens to their old machinery.

They’ve already had their money’s worth out of them, and so they consider them to be nothing more than scrap. The reality is that such equipment does indeed get scrapped and recycled into new things. But, there is an almost untapped market for used heavy equipment.

For instance, startups may not have the capital to invest in the latest machines. They’d rather use older technology until they can afford to upgrade. As an entrepreneur, you can capitalise on such markets and “do your bit” for recycling at the same time!


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It’s often cost-effective to make old equipment look like new again

Do you have a good eye for spotting machines in good mechanical condition? If so, you could make a small fortune refurbishing older machinery and selling them on for a profit!

In a lot of cases, all that’s needed is a basic overhaul of internal parts. From a cosmetic point of view, powder coating can freshen up the look of even tired equipment. In a sense, you are refurbishing and repackaging old items to make them just like new again.

You could tap into emerging markets

Some of you reading this blog post may be thinking that I’m talking about selling to a domestic market only. But, did you know that emerging markets could offer a better source of revenue?

Firms in developing countries may have a need for refurbished older equipment. Especially if they don’t have the funds to use the latest technology.

You will soon become a trusted expert in your field

As the market gets to know your brand, you’ll develop a good reputation. In fact, you will soon become the go-to company that used machinery buyers prefer to use! So, when will you get started?


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