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Keeping Your Business Active Online

BY Rebecca | 13 July, 2015 | no comments

As any business owner or entrepreneur will tell you, the world now revolves around the internet, and this is also true for industries. If you want your company or business to be successful you have to stay active online. What we mean is that customers and investors should be able to find you simply by searching a keyword related to your product or services. There are a number of ways you can ensure this happens, but here are some tips to put you on the right path.


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Set Up A Website

Your website is your company’s best weapon because it will give your customers and investors a place to find you online. With that in mind, you want to make sure it is attractive and that it is presented in a professional manner. Use A website builder to get started, making sure that your website has all the needed features, such as a categories bar and search engine. Then, make your website stand out and look unique with different styles and visuals. Once you have done this, you need to be thinking about SEO.

Search engine optimization is a method for getting your website seen online. Making it look attractive is not enough because first, you have to get customers to view your website. SEO is actually quite a complex process, and if you are having difficulty with it, you can get a company to set up your website with this in place.

Set Up A Blog

Although having a website up and running with SEO is a good start, you should also be thinking about starting a blog. A blog is a brilliant tool that you can use as an advertising space. Most people set up a blog to write whatever they want but for a business owner, you can use your own blog to write articles related to your company. When setting up the articles, include links to your company website and encourage readers to use your product or service. You can also make it run both ways by including a link to your blog on your company website.

Utilize Social Media

If the internet is the tool, social networking is the nail. It does not matter what type of social networking you use, although we recommend setting up business accounts on all the big sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The bottom line is that you can use any of these sites to advertise your company and keep it active in potential customers minds. For instance, by using Instagram you can snap pics of a big company event or attraction and post them online. Give a brief summary of what the event was and include a link to your company website. You can turn followers into customers using this technique.

Mix and Match

One final important aspect of keeping your business active online is ensuring that all the different tools work together. If you have a company website, include a widget of things like your Twitter Feed. This means that people visiting your site can keep up to date with new announcements from your company. By combining these techniques, you will create an online system that you can use to generate more sales for your business.



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