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The Key To Unlocking Productivity: Organisation

BY Rebecca | 6 March, 2015 | no comments

Productivity is what makes you and your business flow seamlessly. Productivity gets things done! It brings out the best in you and it eases your mind. There’s nothing better than a day where you power through your to-do list. It’s the best feeling in the world. Yet, so many of us fall victim to productivity lulls. For whatever reason, things distract us. The work piles up and no matter what you do, your productivity dries up. Today we’re going to banish it for good! Using just one simple technique: organisation. It really is the key to unlocking productivity.

Declutter and find homes for everything

A tidy workspace or a tidy home helps clear your mind. This simple trick really works. When everything is in its place and tidy, you can think more clearly. If you need a tool or item, you know exactly where to find it too. Crafters would be lost without itemised and labelled boxes of fabrics. Engineers wouldn’t last one day without metal storage lockers for every one of their tools. Think about how you can apply this to your life. Compartmentalise and make sure every item has a home.


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Set goals

It’s very difficult to be productive when you don’t have something to work towards. The first step is setting the destination. The key to productivity is waking up and knowing exactly what you need to do. Set a variety of goals. Start with wild, ambitious and grand dreams. Then break them down into smaller, more specific goals. After that, break them down again into daily objectives. What can you do every day to make a small step to the larger goals? Organise your dreams and give every day meaning and direction.

Write everything down

How many times have you thought about an idea only for it to disappear forever from your mind. Write things down! Write everything down. Not only will it help you remember your best ideas, it will help free your mind. We all have a thousand thoughts running through our heads. When we do, it’s impossible to know where to start and productivity falls. Get your thoughts out on paper and you can easily start to prioritise and get moving. One trick we always use is to write a to-do list before we fall asleep. It clears our mind before bed and we wake up with clear direction and purpose.

Schedule your distractions

Procrastination is the dark enemy of productivity! Only you know what your biggest vice is. It might be cat videos on the internet. It might be a quick game (or ten) of Candy Crush on your phone. Whatever it is, recognise it and work to eliminate it from your day. Breaks and downtime are good throughout the day. It helps create a better working environment, but don’t get carried away. We like to build this procrastination time as part of our organisational schedule. Give yourself a ten minute break in the afternoon to procrastinate. But then get back to the task at hand.

It’s all really simple stuff, but it just takes a little discipline. Try to organise everything into your schedule including downtime. Try out some of these tricks and see which works for you!



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