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BY Rebecca | 22 May, 2015 | no comments

When you think about online gambling, live casinos will always come to mind. They excite players because they have fun with their preferred game and they get to play with live dealers who are hosting the tables. Enjoying live casinos will depend on the following factors – the different games offered; the software provider; the service provided by the customer support; and how good the dealer is.

So, do you want to play live casino, but are unsure about how to begin? To make the players get the most out of live casinos and really take pleasure in the game, we came up with several tips.

Find a Trustworthy Live Casino

An honest and reliable live casino is number one in our list. Before you join the game and give your credit card information, do plenty of research.  Authentic live casinos will definitely have licenses and genuine certificates from notable agencies. They will prove that the site and the games are legitimate.


Make sure you have substantial Bandwidth

When players join a live casino, they look forward to uninterrupted live streaming and unblemished game play. Unfortunately, these expectations are not met if the player lacks bandwidth. So, after finding a well-known and reliable live casino, players must check the technical requisites to make sure their computers and internet connection will provide, without fail, continuous gaming. If you are all set technical wise, you won’t have any complications like ‘sudden stops’ in live streaming or ‘no signal’ interruptions. You will just enjoy the game one hundred percent!

Learn when to Fold

Like in any other game, we have winners and losers. Unfortunately, some players don’t know how to put on the brakes. They believe that their luck would change in the next game, but it doesn’t. If you have pocketed some cash in your first few games and you notice that your luck is dwindling, then it is best to stop or lose everything. As they say, know when to hold and know when to fold!


Learn Live Tables Etiquette and Follow It                             

Keep in mind that live tables, most of the time, have more than one player. Being a good customer would mean knowing and understanding the etiquette of live casino games.  Some of which are: Grab a chair only if you are ready to play; respect all the players and the dealer; don’t use abusive language; and never complain or promote other live casinos.

Casino problems? Inform the Pit Boss  

Live casinos have supervisors they call the Pit Boss. His job is to make sure everything in the live casino is smooth sailing. When problem arises, the Pit Boss must solve them. Ergo, if you think the dealer committed an error you should ask for assistance from the Pit Boss. If it is proven that the dealer did make a mistake, you will get your money back and they will cancel the game.


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