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How To Market To The Right Target Audience

BY Rebecca | 24 August, 2016 | no comments

When it comes to marketing a business you need to make a plan, and that plan needs to start with who you need to market to. It’s about more than just putting an ad in the local newspaper or passing out some business cards at the local trade show. You want to know a few things about the people that are most likely to use of need your products or services.

Start with looking at your products and services. Look at your location. These are things that will factor into knowing who your target audience is.

Know Your Target

Your target audience is going to be the most likely people to use your services and buy your products, so they are going to greatly depend on what your business is all about. You wouldn’t market adult diapers to college students, and you wouldn’t market the newest line of breast pumps to senior citizens.

Make a list of the people that are most likely to use your services or products. How old are they? Are men more likely to use your products or women? Are parents going to be buying them for their children, and do you need to appeal to the children as well? Marketing your addiction support meetings may be suitable for addicts as well as families of addicts.

You may also need to consider climate and local laws when it comes to certain products and services. Once you know your target audience you can determine how to best reach them. Older folks may be more likely to read ads in the local paper, while the younger generations like getting their info online.

Get To The Point

People don’t want to read paragraphs of information when it comes to an ad, they’ll get all that when they come to your business or visit your website. Instead of getting too wordy and making your ad something that might cost you a pretty penny just get to the point.

Draw attention to you preferred demographic. Let them know what you are offering them and why they need what you are offering the. Include a product photo or a photo of a model that seems happy with the results of what you’re selling.

Use What’s Out There

While your local seniors may be more likely to discover your ads in the local paper, you still don’t want to discount all the free advertising you can get online. Consider the fact they those older generations may have younger generations doing research for them as well, or that they are savvy older folks that do enjoy some time on social media.

It still pays to have a website and a blog. And, since it’s free to throw a business page up on social media sites, why not do it?


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