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Marketing Narratives: How To Tell Your Story

BY Rebecca | 30 November, 2016 | no comments

When it comes to marketing, there are more ways to tell your story than can ever be really considered, but there are definitely a finite amount of formats to use. In other words, though the details are always going to be different, sticking with frameworks that are effective for the marketing narrative will save you some time and energy in terms of not having to reinvent the wheel every time.

Five focal points in particular that your marketing strategy can use include the visual media and review format, the user review format, a classic video presentation, a TED-style talk, or even in-person interactions if it’s just you and your voice doing the marketing, with no props or equipment involved.

Visual Media and Review Format

If you’re presenting something that has a lot of visual appeal, like you’re marketing a resort, for instance, then using a visual media and review format can be very effective. Essentially what you’ll be doing is creating a story based out of pictures, and then extending captions into a longer piece. You can use slideshows, actions shots, and even graphic interfaces to work along with your experiential review as well, to really creative a dynamic marketing experience.

Through User Reviews

Another way to market is through the use of user or client reviews. If you highlight things that actual people have said about your company or brand, that gives a much stronger sense of truth and reality than if you do your advertising from someone inside your company, or through someone who is paid to do that job. This is an extension of the word-of-mouth concept, as solidified into a more concrete online experience.

Video Presentation

Another solid way to do some new marketing is by putting together a video presentation. In the age of YouTube, people are used to the format, and as long as you do a good job of getting your message across, and have a general grasp of how details work together within a video editing environment, it can really help you communicate your idea to a wide audience.

TED-style Talk

If you haven’t ever watched any TED talks, then you may not know just how powerful they can be. Why not use TED talk techniques to harness the essence of your marketing message? Use the timing, the format, the way they reference external sources, and you’ll have something special on your hands.

In-Person Interactions

A final way to incorporate a narrative feel into your marketing is by having an elevator pitch at the ready. If you ever have to just talk your way through why your product, business, or brand is something useful to people, make sure that you know what your talking points are in advance, so you can make the conversation transition as natural as possible.


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