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Need Help Managing Data? Start Asking the Right Questions

BY Rebecca | 31 March, 2015 | no comments

Companies are producing increasing amounts of data as they go about their day to day routines. This needs to be controlled by IT who need to ensure people have the tools to access and share whilst maintaining security and audit trials.

Who has access to sensitive files?

Files that hold sensitive data may not always be easily recognisable, and this can lead to employees unintentionally saving files to locations that are not as secure as these types of files require.

If sensitive data is not looked after correctly then it can damage the reputation of your business, therefore it is something that needs to be taken seriously. You may consider limiting the amount of staff that have access to these files or using a method to highlight which files have sensitive information in them.


What’s more, you also need to keep control of how your employees use sensitive files. Use file sharing software that gives you comprehensive audit trails to track what your employees do with sensitive information.

 Do you have files that you don’t need using up resources?

Quite often TB’s of space are being used up by storing old and irrelevant documents. When companies use a storage device or a file transfer platform it can mean files are replicated across systems. This can be reduced by using an auto-delete for files over X days old to ensure only essential resources are used and data isn’t permanently replicated across multiple platforms.

How do you share company data with internal and external stakeholders?

Numerous people will need to access company information – from internal employees across a range of different specialisms and paygrades to external agencies and commercial partners.


IT needs a solution that allows it to keep control of who’s sharing what while also dictating who enjoys access to specific files. This flexible, simple and highly extensible sharing framework can be adapted and rolled out to be used by CEOs, executives and juniors alike – whether sitting in the boardroom or working on the shop floor.

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