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What You Need to Know About Studying Aviation

BY Rebecca | 28 July, 2016 | no comments

Aviation is a dream career that many people fantasize about from a young age. It’s a popular choice among boys, as they long for adventure and thrive in situations where heights are evident and there is a considerable factor of risk and reward.

This is why the dream of being a pilot is one that so many latch onto. The dream, of course, is by no means limited to men. Take Amelia Earhart, one of the most renown pilots of all time made history and proved that women are just as much an asset to the overall propelling forward of society as men are.

If you have a dream to fly, suit up and get ready because here are things you need to know about aviation:

The Hours Can Be Long

Besides actual pilot school where you’re going to be required to put in long hours to study and get your practice hours of flight training in, when you actually get the job and are set on a schedule to get in the cockpit, you’re going to be faced with long work hours. Of course it depends on where what airline you fly with and what routes you’re scheduled on, but in general, it’s a career that is filled with the hustle and bustle of airport and travel life.

The Benefits Are Worth It

Despite the long hours and the jet lag you’ll probably face on a regular basis, the benefits are totally worth it if you have a love for travel. Depending on your job title, you may or may not get paid the big bucks to work, and of course there is something to be said for putting in your time and working your way up the latter, but when you work in aviation you get benefits like free or majorly discounted travel. That in itself is worth every hurdle you’ll ever have to jump through, and if  you love travel just as much as the thought of being up in the air excites you, it’s a perfect match.

You Have to Have Certain Skills

Just as a job in social work or the entertainment industry might not be for everyone, the same can be said for the aviation industry. The industry is founded on customer service, so it’s crucial, that even a person who has little to no contact with customers is personable and knows how to relate with people.

The job is technical, so an aptitude for math and physics is necessary, as well as an understanding of mechanics. The environment can also be high stress, so if you can keep calm under pressure, that’s important. In the end, aviation is a great career path to go into. If you evaluate the circumstances and decide it’s worth a go for you, enjoy a life where keeping your head in the clouds is quite literally part of your job description.


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