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Network Traffic Analysis: What is it & Why Do You Need it?

BY Rebecca | 15 June, 2017 | no comments

If you haven’t heard of network traffic analysis, you really need to take the time to learn what it is and how it can help your business. Essentially, network traffic analysis involves the recording and reviewing of all traffic that comes through your business network. An IT support professional will be able to delve into the type of traffic that is flowing through and provide you with valuable reports and suggestions.

So, why is network traffic analysis a worthy investment?


The clearest advantage that comes with network traffic analysis is being able to detect any possible security issues. Network attacks are increasingly common, and reviewing your network traffic can prevent them since signs are relatively easy for IT support professionals to read. Recovering from an attack can be costly, time-consuming, and often downright impossible, so monitoring makes sense.


The days when using the internet meant putting up with poor connections are well in the past. Nowadays, maintaining a productive office means ensuring that your network is running quickly. Bandwidth bottlenecks and greedy applications can dramatically decrease the speed at which your network runs, but you can identify and then eliminate such issues through network traffic analysis.


You might be thinking that network traffic analysis isn’t worth the money – in fact, it can end up paying for itself. A lot of service providers charge based on both data usage and the IP addresses that access your site, so having network information can help you make sure you’re being billed correctly. Additionally, you can buy bandwidth according to your actual needs when you have reviewed your network traffic.

Customer Service

Finally, network traffic analysis can be used to ensure that the service you’re offering your online visitors is up to par. A wide range of key network aspects can be monitored and optimised, and any issues can be coped with right away instead of being left to potentially turn customers away.



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