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Office designs to help the workflow improve

BY Rebecca | 22 February, 2016 | no comments

There is a way to get more out of your staff that is often overlooked. Many businesses, in their eagerness to cut to the chase and engage on the corporate battlefield, forget the morale and comfort of their troops on the ground.

Staff working in cramped and uninspiring offices won’t deliver the same productivity as those working in spaces designed to optimise workflow. You can nurture creativity and make people feel happy, simply by placing them in a well-designed environment. Who doesn’t want to feel valued and needed? When employees know their contributions are recognised and their talent acknowledged, they willingly give their all.

Gaining an edge on the competition simply by making a few changes in the office layout is an investment you can’t afford to ignore. Here are four simple design adjustments to change dull, under-performing workplaces into energised, productivity powerhouses.

Natural light 

Dark offices are depressing and lacklustre, resulting in poor productivity, low morale and high absenteeism. Maximise natural light levels to ramp up the energy and feel-good factor amongst staff. Do this by removing bulky, light blocking furniture, taking down internal cubicles and replacing with transparent walls. Use furnishings made from reflective, light-conductive materials such as Perspex and glass.

Poor overhead lighting increases eye strain and headaches, but also sucks the life out of a place – by letting the sun shine in, you harness such an incredible natural power-boost, you’ll notice results in the mood and engagement of staff immediately. Exterior light needs careful control so computer screens are not adversely affected. Using sleek and streamlined plantation window shutters provides a stylish and practical solution to natural light control throughout the working day.

Room to move

Give staff enough room to spread out at their desk and feel comfortable. If space is limited, invest in furniture that is more suited in scale to the office dimensions. It should be easy to walk freely through the office without bumping into furniture. Long, unobstructed views across the room encourage staff communication and collaboration that in turn boosts productivity.

Decor that delivers

Decor that inspires and cheers is relatively simple to introduce. Banish dark sombre colours and replace them with bright, reflective shades that trigger positive responses. Bright organic shades such as bamboo green, pale yellow and pastel violet work well combined with ivories and creams. Dress the walls with art that reflects the company ethos in a human rather than corporate fashion, underlining the concept that employees are people not just units.

Chill station

All offices should have a place where staff can relax. Furnish a peaceful area with comfortable sofas where people can take time out for a snack, a chat or just five minutes away from their screen. Staff members that are less stressed work more effectively and efficiently so any investment in their well-being pays off handsomely.

An open plan office that puts the comfort of staff first, is a place that’s going to produce results fast. Why don’t you try out some of these simple design principles and see how workflow increases in your office?


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