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Printed Paper Bags: Why You Should Use Them For Your Company

BY Rebecca | 15 January, 2015 | no comments

There is more to having a great business than selling a good product at great prices, with awesome customer service. Today’s society demands a little more for their money and this doesn’t necessarily mean more sales and discounts. Often, a small token ‘freebie’ means more to a customer than a flash sale but the question is what can your business give to the customer?


If your business is in the retail sector, one of the best gifts you can give away are re-usable printed paper bags. I know there is an added cost to these, however the benefits of using these over plastic bags can increase your overall profit. Let me tell you how this can work.

1. Showing Gratitude. One of the best ways to get your customers coming back is to show some gratitude. While most stores express their gratitude at the till with a simple thank you, providing customers with a re-usable bags goes that little bit further.

2. Stronger than a plastic bag. How many times have you left a store to find the plastic bag provided is not strong enough? Either the bag splits and scatters its contents on the floor or the handle breaks making the whole bag impossible to carry! A paper or cotton bag shows your customers that you have thought about how they will get their products home safely.

3. Environmentally friendly. Everybody is aware of the impact the human race is having on our environment and the majority of people are doing what they can to help reduce the ‘carbon footprint’ and its negative effects. While most people will re-use or recycle their plastic bags, providing a paper or cotton bag shows your customers that you, as a business, care about the environment. This often also indicates a higher level of caring for the customers.

4. Reducing advertising costs. This is one of the areas where the initial cost of the bags can be recuperated. If you are providing branded cotton bags to your customers, other people will see them and be drawn to your business. This type of subliminal advertising is one of the best forms of free advertising there is and it works. This is why the film industry has been doing it for years!


These are just a small handful of the reasons why you should strongly consider using branded paper or cotton bags for your business. Why not have a trial period and see the results for yourself?


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