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How To Reward Customer Loyalty

BY Rebecca | 27 February, 2015 | no comments

Loyal customers are very difficult to come by. The nature of modern industry means there are always other competitors and cheaper options. You need to create an environment of trust and loyalty amongst your core customers. That will make sure they keep coming back and using your service. After all, without your customers, you can’t exist as a business! Targeting and rewarding your most loyal customers is one great way to keep your core strong.

Offer discounts on their favourite items. This works particularly well for e commerce companies. You can track your user habits and purchases. Use an electronic system that monitors customer purchases. If it picks up that one particular customer regularly buys the same item, offer them a discount. Try a little message like this: “We notice that you love this product. As a little thank you for your repeat custom, this one’s on us.”

Invite them to test or preview new products. Nothing excites customers like seeing behind the scenes of their favourite companies. Getting their hands on new products before anyone else will make them feel special. Target your loyal customers and send them details of a new product first. You could give them access to exclusive content or behind the scenes photos. Anything that seems exclusive and secret will reward and strengthen that loyalty.


Implement a loyalty card scheme. This is a popular choice among companies like coffee shops. You probably all have a loyalty card when you buy nine drinks and you get the tenth free, right? Try something similar in your business. No-one can resist trying to get up to ten! It will encourage sales and secure future business.

Say thank you. Sometimes, it really is this simple. Customers like to know that they are being treated like a human being. They want to feel an emotional connection and not feel like part of a machine. Show a friendly and human face. Send you loyal customers a birthday or Christmas card to say thank you. There are all sorts of ways you can send ecards, just look at for ideas.

Reward referrals. A good, strong customer base is one of the best marketing outlets you have. Loyal customers will spread the word and speak highly of you all over the world. You should reward you most loyal customers for this service. Offer discounts and free products when they refer their family and friends. This is proven to be a very effective tactic.

Offer preferential service. Loyal customers like to know that they are recognised for their loyalty. It’s a simple gesture of respect that they are acknowledged. There are many different ways that you can offer them preferential service, it will depend on your business. It could be removing minimum order requirements or offering a fast track service. It might be automatic access to customer service 24/7. Anything that shows your loyal customers that they are not taken for granted will work here.

Your customers are the most important aspect of your business. They keep your profits soaring and they spread the word about your company. Treat them with respect and use these tricks to reward the most loyal.


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