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Safety First: How To Avoid Accidents In The Workplace

BY Rebecca | 26 August, 2015 | no comments

Business owners, did you know that you are legally responsible for all employees and customers on your site? Whether you run an office, a shop or a construction site, everyone on the grounds is under your legal care. That’s why we always hear so much about personal injury claims and liability lawsuits.

It means your business must take an active approach to improving safety. And not just because it’s a legal requirement, but because no-one wants to see their employees get hurt. Of course, it is especially important in a factory or manufacturing environment. But, don’t underestimate the importance of safety at the office or in your shop either. Here’s how to quickly improve yours.



Training – Safety always starts with appropriate training. From your employee’s first day, they should receive a brief safety course on fire safety and exit routes. If their job involves machinery or equipment, make sure they are trained to use it. Assign them a mentor to make sure they are operating the equipment safely. As you upgrade the equipment or introduce new machinery, introduce new training seminars.

Communication – A recent study showed that thousands of employees were worried about safety in their job. The only trouble is that they had never mentioned this to their bosses. A lot of workers fail to report hazards or communicate safety risks to their superiors. It’s your job to cultivate an environment of open dialogue and communication. Ask your employees what you could do better to improve their safety. What would help them feel more secure in their job?

Provide the right tools and equipment – The risk of injury increases when you introduce hazardous equipment. That’s why it’s essential to take active steps to prevent accidents. It’s your job to make sure that your employees have all the right tools and equipment for the role. Again, this goes back to communication. If they’re operating machinery, make sure they have protective goggles and hard-wearing gloves.

Safety Audit – When you’re running a business, you’re often too close to it to see the hazards. You’re busy running the office or the factory, and you get used to the environment. Sometimes, you need a fresh, professional perspective to come in and show you the problems. One such company, Pilz PUWER told us they regularly inspect factory machinery and equipment. But the site managers fail to keep them well maintained, which is why their professional eye is essential.

Practice and drills – In most businesses, accidents and injuries are very rare. In office and shop environments, things don’t tend to go wrong. But, something will happen when you least expect it. That’s why regular practice and drills are essential. Simple fire drills will help keep staff reminded of the process, and reinforce the safety issues.

It’s easy to get complacent when it comes to safety. Unfortunately, by their very nature, accidents are entirely unpredictable. That’s why you’ve got to stay one step ahead at all times. How safe is your business?


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