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Simple Tips to Help Cut Your Business’s Expenditure

BY Rebecca | 20 October, 2015 | no comments

Maybe your business is struggling, or maybe you think you’re spending too much and want to maximise profits. Either way, cutting expenditure is important. Here’s how to do that.


Tweak Your Insurance

Insurance is always important, and I wouldn’t recommend ditching your insurance policies. But you should think about tweaking your insurance policies a little when you need to cut your expenditure. The more cover you have as part of your insurance policy, the higher your premiums will be. So, you could reduce some of the ways in which your business is covers. Some of the extra cover you get might not be necessary, but it will be costing you more money each month.


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Aim for Debt Write-Offs

If you can manage to get some of your existing debts written off, your burden will be slashed significantly. Many struggling businesses get into trouble because of the debts they owe to creditors. But if you present a strong case for a debt write-off to those creditors, it might be possible to persuade them. You should make it clear that your business probably won’t survive without a proportion of the debt being written off. It won’t benefit your creditors if your business goes under, so they might be persuaded to write some of it off.

Switch Utilities Providers

Most businesses need to have gas and electric supplies, but are you getting value for money from your utilities provider? Sticking with the same company and being loyal to them for years is not a smart move. Loyalty doesn’t pay when it comes to gas and electric. Instead, you should make sure you compare the different offers out there. You could be able to save a lot of money by simply switching your provider. There are so many deals out there to explore, so it would be stupid not to see what you could save. So, switch LPG supplier to cut your costs.

Renegotiate Your Lease

One of the biggest expenditures businesses have to face is the lease of the premises. If you are struggling to pay the lease, you should try to renegotiate it, even if it’s a long-term lease. If you can get a lower rate, you will be able to cut your monthly expenditure dramatically. If you fail in your attempt to achieve a lower rate, you should think about moving out and finding a more affordable office space to work in. This will allow you to choose a smaller office that might cost dramatically less than the old one.

Review Buying Policies

Businesses need to buy supplies; this is always true. But when was the last time you analysed your company’s buying policy? If it’s been a long time, it might be a good idea to have a look at what you’re buying. You should make sure that you’re not buying more supplies than you need because this often happens. But it’s also true that you don’t want to run out of supplies, so have a close look at this. You should also think about who you buy from. Check if you can get better deals from other suppliers.


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