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How To Start Your Own Business With Almost No Money

BY Rebecca | 27 November, 2014 | no comments

Times are tough in business at the moment. All businesses continue to tighten their belts five full years after the financial crisis really started to hit. It has been particularly difficult for small businesses to survive. Many haven’t. Even giant retailers have disappeared forever, with the loss of thousands of jobs.

You may be one of the ones who have lost their job as an employee of a firm down on its luck. Or you may be a hard working employee who has seen the pension cut, their pay frozen, and the chances of promotion disappear forever. Whatever your background, it’s possible you have been wishing you could get started on your own.

Seeing so many businesses large and small fail all around you is possibly putting you off. Heading out on your own takes an enormous commitment and financial investment, so why would you do it right now? Right now, you have a job. Chances are, your employer would be happy to cut your hours to save the business more money. Keeping your job while you set up means you still have a regular income, but enough time to get those first customers tied in.

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For example, if the management company of the building you work in is looking for a new cleaning contractor, you save yourself a great deal of time commuting and visiting your client by taking it on. Any equipment you need could be purchased second hand, such as a used floor sweeper. As you are familiar with the building, you have an advantage over other cleaning contractors.

The trick to starting out on your own is to keep things small and simple while you are starting out. It may be you need to start by taking on a line of work that isn’t ideal, but can easily be built up. You can then sell up and move on to the next project. Remember, it is the entrepreneur in your that wants to be running your own business. You are not defined by the sector you operate in.

Other easy-to-setup businesses include gardening and window cleaning services. Odd jobs and handyman work are in demand too. You may hear in your neighborhood people wanting to find a new window cleaner or housekeeper. This type of work requires more of a friendly personality than qualifications. It is about you being there and getting the work done well.

Word of mouth and social media can quickly and easily increase customer enquiries in this line of work too. Most importantly, you need very few hours in the working week to complete it. You could do a couple of hours after work or a Saturday morning. This means you can keep your job going to cover your cost of living while you build your business.

If you aren’t afraid of a little bit more work, and you can put a few hundred quid into getting yourself equipped, it is possible to slowly build a small business. Keep your ear to the ground to find out what people are looking for. That’s where your small business opportunities will be.


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