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The Importance Of Employee Morale: Unusual Ways To Boost Productivity

BY Rebecca | 27 June, 2015 | no comments


Employees are an enigma in business. They are essential because of all the work they do, but they have so much untapped potential they could be the difference between fame and fortune. Too many people have come up with ways to decipher the problem, and almost all of them didn’t succeed. But, that doesn’t mean you should give in to the problem. In fact, you should try even harder and think outside the box.

Get Some Plants

Plants are a natural remedy for a lot of ailments, and where are most illnesses passed on? The workplace. Offices are full of little coughs, colds and niggles, and it ruins productivity. You have been ill before, so you know the last thing you want to do is work hard. Plants, however, are proven to help common illnesses, so your employees will have no excuses during flu season.


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Encourage Exercise Breaks

Regular breaks are a fantastic way of keeping employees focused and sharp in general.  But, exercise breaks are even more effective. When you exercise you release endorphins that improve your mood and your frame of mind. The most common hurdle to productivity is a negative mindset, as in they can’t be bothered doing any work. Make exercising for your employees easier during work hours and you will reap the rewards.

Improve The Air Quality

If the air is stuffy and stale, it isn’t conducive to a healthy working environment. The temperature has to be just right otherwise it will give the staff another reason to slack off. Air conditioning units are a great addition to the workplace because they can regulate temperature. The workplace will have a constant flow of air to keep your employees fresh and always comfortable.

Organise Space & Furniture

Think of the most contemporary workplaces and they execute space perfectly. Google and Facebook understand the importance of making their employees feel at home, for example. The workplace is incredibly informal, and it boosts productivity. The worst part of work is the knowledge that you are at work; there is a huge distinction between work and home. So, by making the space and the furniture more homely, the office is less rigid.

Make People Laugh

How many people hate their jobs? The number is in the millions, but that is because they don’t enjoy their work. Laughter is the best way of making work fun. If you are laughing, you are enjoying yourself, and if you are enjoying yourself you are happy. Happiness is key to unlocking the potential of your workforce and that elusive productivity.

Be More Flexible

Work is often seen as rigid and unyielding, often for good reason. Some offices are more like a prison the way they make you do as your told, which is why flexibility is a tool every business should use. Simple things like going on Facebook or having breaks little and often is far better than an atmosphere of hate.

You will get far more from your employees if they respect you and what the business is trying to achieve.



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