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The Importance of Having Personal Customer Support

BY Rebecca | 23 December, 2015 | no comments

If you’re a business owner operating a business of any size, as long as your business relationship with your customers involves delivering a product or service, at some point along the process you’ll need to implement some sort of customer support system. This is true for all forms of business, whether you’re a freelance designer, writer, web developer, or indeed if you’re a consultant or anything else really, at one point or another, one or more of your clients will need to contact you for some assistance.

Even the most automated of systems will inevitably need some troubleshooting or end-user guidance at some point, which is attested to by taking a look at products such as popular software, platforms such as niche-specific websites, and services such as those provided by your mobile phone carrier, among many others. These products and services are the ones we’ll explore here with the view of creating a complete picture of the key ingredient that separates satisfactory customer support experiences from great ones.

Popular Software – Microsoft Windows

Anyone who’s had a problem with their Windows Operating (OS) system to deal with will tell you that calling their customer care line is a better bet at actually getting your problem solved than sending in an email. As popular as the OS is and with the many different features it offers, a number of things can still go wrong. There are certain unexpected ways in which the software could behave, which simply need to be articulated to a human being in order for them to understand and perhaps walk you through a step-by-step troubleshooting terrace.

Niche Specific Website –

The same applies for a niche-specific online platform such as Slots Heaven, the online casino which is packed with many different features. Between their free-play gaming modes, different funding and withdrawal methods, and a whole host of other features, if something were to go wrong in this instance, no amount of technologically advanced auto-responder and auto-troubleshooting customer support systems could ever effectively substitute the assistance a human could give. You could never explain your bank’s sudden change in their online gambling winnings withdrawal policy to an automated troubleshooting phone-menu for example. Similarly, an automated e-mail auto-responder could never comprehend something like a loss of internet connection during a live, funded game, no matter how talented the programmers who built it are. Such occurrences with which you’d naturally need assistance can only be explained to and understood by a real person.

Mobile Phone Carrier – Virgin Mobile

Our last example covers a global company and brand which has made it their business to outdo other players in the industry they operate, by specifically focussing on their customer support. In fact, call up any Virgin customer support division (not just Virgin Mobile) and you’ll see customer support at its best, quite simply because of the personal touch of a real person they insist on having.

From our analysis of just three of many industries in which customer support is an inevitable part of the procurement of products and services, it’s perhaps safe to say that the more personalised the customer support is, the better the experience is. It is indeed that personal touch of a knowledgeable human being on the other side of the line (or even a live chat support interface) which makes customer support effective, so if you’re considering implementing a customer support feature in your business, make sure to add that personal human touch.


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