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Things You Need to Do If You’re Planning Your on Creating Your Own Art Installation

BY Rebecca | 18 April, 2016 | no comments

Art installations have the ability to be beautiful and baffling to the mind and spirit. It’s amazing what the creative mind can do when coupled with ingenuity, science, and a lot of hard work and patience.

One of the best places in the world to see art installations is at Burning Man. Burning Man is a week long festival out in the Nevada desert that focus on radical self reliance and self expression. In this place where there are few rules, other than the fact that everything needs to be a gift and nothing can be sold, the themes of acceptance, love, and radical expression run rampant.

If you’re a creative soul and long to send a message to the world through an art installation, there are things you need to do:

Develop Your Vision

As far as art installations go, you have no limits so you have to decide what message you want to send. Usually something you’re passionate about will pop up in daily life and you’ll become inspired to act upon that passion.

It could take months of visionary brainstorming meetings with other artists to decide exactly what your installation is going to be. That’s okay. Develop the theme and reason for the dream and move onto the next step once you know the purpose for which you’re making art.

Get Funding

Artists are so often shut down because they don’t have the resources they need available to them to get accomplished what they need to get accomplished. Sure you can make beautiful things on a small budget and recycled materials, but when you’re talking art installations that tower over people and line the sky with metal and lights, you’re going to need a lot more than the money you have in your pocket and a trip to the thrift store.

You could always go to your cities art commision to try and gain funding and support for your project, or you could research other means to get your hands on a little cash. The point is, you need to money, so find a way to get it so that your voice can be heard through your work of art.

Make it Happen

Now that you’ve got a vision and you’ve got the funding, it’s time for the hard part…and the fun part. This is the reason you’re doing it in the first place. To learn, to grow, to accomplish, to speak and to affect the world. This process might be the longest process in your journey. Art installations can be massive and take months to construct. Every little detail needs to be perfect in order for your vision to come to light, so take pride in the process and make it work.


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