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Thinking of Entrepreneurship?  Now is the Time!

BY Rebecca | 7 September, 2015 | no comments

There has never been a better time than right now to go into business.  Does that sound glib?  Like I’m trying to sell you something?  Well, honestly, I’m not.  What I hope can be achieved in this short article is that you will begin to think more about what is possible, and less about what you believe is not possible.

Many of the things that we tend to think of as impossible are not really.  We just haven’t found the way to do them yet.  It doesn’t mean that they can’t be done.

Why is right now the best time in history to create your own business?  I believe there are three major reasons:


  1. Necessity.  It seems you can barely switch on the news these days without hearing about some company laying off workers.  Having your own business can help you avoid this fate.
  2. Opportunity. Now that we have the Internet, it is far easier to start a business.  Not just in terms of providing a global market for something you want to sell, because not every small business needs that.  But you also can get access to a lot of information and you can simplify many processes.
  3. Support. There are more individual entrepreneurs now.  In fact, we could probably consider this the Age of the Entrepreneur.  Many of these people are already earning comfortable enough income that they can spend some time helping others to achieve. Networking is also easier, and the Internet also has a role to play in this as well.

One very good example of a successful entrepreneur who is now helping others to achieve their dreams is a man that I have come to admire greatly, Reuben Singh.  He started his own business when he was just 17 years old, and within four years he had turned it into a retail chain worth tens of millions.

These days he is sharing his knowledge with others, and this allows you the chance to connect with the mind of a master entrepreneur and learn from him.  He also runs a venture capital firm, called Isher Capital, that provides funding for start-ups.


His other business, which has become a huge success, is AlldayPA.  This company provides powerful services to entrepreneurs, allowing them to increase their personal productivity, while maintaining a global presence 24 hours a day.  Outsourcing the side of a business that primarily involves time spent building relationships with strangers frees you to work on relationships that matter more.

All you really need to do for success is find a good idea.  From there, you have an entire world of information available at your fingertips, so there is nothing really holding you back from getting into business, except maybe yourself.

By doing some research, you can tap into loads of useful—and often free—advice from entrepreneurs such as Reuben Singh and others, and you can learn a lot from their experiences, which will give you a greater chance of success.


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