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Three Tips For Successfully Marketing Your Health And Wellness Business

BY Rebecca | 10 September, 2016 | no comments

You likely started your health and wellness business because you wanted to what you could to help other people get healthy and live longer lives. Once you came up with your business concept and got your hands on the money you needed to work to make your business a reality, it is now time to start marketing your business.

Marketing your business isn’t just about setting up some social media sites or buying ads in the local paper, although those are important things that can help get your business name out there. It is also about researching your marketing and knowing who you want to be selling your products and services to.

What Can You Do For People?

Start by determining what it is your business can do for people. Are you trying to sell the fact that eating right and treating your body healthier with things like holistic treatment can help you get clean from addictions and expand your quality of life? Make sure that comes across in your marketing platform.

Who are you doing these things for? Having a general demographic mapped out can also help you greatly when it comes to marketing. You may find that it’s better to market to certain individual, whether it differs by sex or age, in certain publications. You’re more likely to get followers in their teens to middle ages using things like Facebook, while posing ads in the local paper may be more geared to attracting seniors.

Get To Know Your Internet And Print Possibilities

Don’t just assume one specific demographic is going to be on a specific social media platform. Look into the statistics of these things and learn what sexes and what ages of people are most common. You may be surprised, and the demographics for different social media sites can be constantly changing as well.

You may find that while your local newspaper is more popular with parents and older folks a smaller publication being put out locally for music fans or even parents has a completely different reach. Advertise with the ones that work most closely with the demographic that you want to reach as a business. This will save you time and money.

Be An Example

When it comes to health and wellness companies selling their products and services to people, it is important to be an example of the ideal you are trying to sell. If your company is not known for higher healthy individuals it can lose you credibility.

It also helps to take some time to give back to your community. Set up booths at local fairs and expos where you can give out sample items and work to promote your business while promoting health and wellness. Consider donating money to local causes in the field of health and wellness as well. This makes your company even more attractive and shows people that you mean what you say.


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