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Is it Time to Sell Your Mobile Phone?

BY Rebecca | 1 March, 2015 | no comments

Technology has innovated new ways for people to communicate and connect with each other, regardless of where they are around the world. Devices continue to be designed, created and optimized to increase this and other functions’ efficiency. This obviously results to consumers having to upgrade their devices when new models come out.

However, before purchasing a new model, put a little more thought into what to do with the old model, instead of mindlessly tossing it into the trash or keeping it stored away forever. In one word for each idea, 5 reasons to sell your old mobile phone:


Knowing how quickly technology advances, the period between buying a phone and replacing it progressively shortens. Companies have been aggressive in developing and releasing new models, due to high demand and increased competition. Just sell mobile phone, then use money to buy mobile phone, rather making a brand new investment every time.



With new technology comes more new ways that it becomes obsolete, especially for power users. Software limitations, sluggish operating systems and buggy programming, hardware limitations such as low memory and overheating issues- sell it before you push it to its limits because of your increased needs.



A good investment will yield its highest potential return. Good mobile phones are far from cheap, and are considered an investment. However, after it has outlived its usefulness to you, if you just end up leaving that phone to rot, it would be a severe waste. We can say that we got our money’s worth for the time spent using it, but the return had the potential to be higher had it been sold.


Not everyone can afford a brand new phone every few months. This is why there are websites and stalls that sell second hand phones, and why these are high in demand. Rather than letting your old phone gather dust on a shelf or in a drawer, sell it and let someone else use it for their needs.


Finally, the last good reason as to why you should sell your mobile phone is why not? While it is perfectly possible to walk up to stores that accept devices and sell it in person, the internet has its own little kiosks and market stalls to set up shop. Most websites will assist you step by step, however, the process itself does not take much time or effort. This is easy money.

At the end of the day, we will keep upgrading as new models come out. We might as well be smart about it.


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